• What is MPML?

    MPML stands for Minds + Machines’ Protected Marks List. MPML offers brand owners the opportunity to protect their Trademark Clearinghouse (“TMCH”)-registered trademarks by blocking those names, or such a variations as described herein, across the majority of current and future top-level domains (“TLDs”) for which Minds + Machines (M+M) operates as the official registry (i.e., signed the registry agreement with ICANN).
  • MPML offers TMCH rights holders the ability to block their names against cybersquatting in a cost-effective manner.
  • Who is eligible to participate?

    Applicants that have a valid SMD in ICANN’s Trademark Clearinghouse may subscribe to MPML.
  • Domain names must:
    • + Be at least three valid characters long and otherwise conform to ICANN-mandated name formation rules (one and two character names are not currently eligible);
    • + Be an exact match of the trademark registered in the TMCH corresponding with the SMD file;
    • + Be a variation of the exact match domain name as long as the exact match of the trademark registered in the TMCH corresponding with the SMD file is contained in the variation. However, the variation must not be registered in the TMCH by another organization. For example:
      • If the trademark “example” is the exact match trademark with the SMD file in the TMCH then the applicant may obtain an MPML subscription for each of the following variation domain names: “myexample” and “twoexamples”.
      • However, an MPML subscription cannot be obtained for “myexample” if that domain name is in the TMCH and the applicant does not have the valid SMD file for that name.
    • M+M began accepting applications for variations of exact matches on 16 December 2014.
    • + Be applied for via an ICANN accredited registrar authorized by M+M to provide such services;
    • + Not already subscribed for in the MPML;
    • + Not be reserved or specifically excluded by the registry; and
    • + Not be on any of the lists of names mandated by ICANN to be blocked in any M+M – ICANN registry agreement.
  • Which specific TLDs are covered by MPML?

    The MPML presently covers the following TLDs where M+M is the official registry:

    • + .beer
    • + .casa
    • + .cooking
    • + .country
    • + .fashion
    • + .fishing
    • + .fit
    • + .garden
    • + .horse
    • + .rodeo
    • + .surf
    • + .vodka
    • + .wedding
    • + .work
    • + .yoga

    Most new TLDs added to M+M’s gTLD portfolio will be added to the MPML TLD list as well others that are supported by M+M. The list of included TLDs will be updated at this website.

  • Are there terms and conditions that apply to MPML customers?

    Yes. MPML terms and conditions can be found in the M+M Registry website.
  • Can Premium Domains be blocked by MPML?

    Yes, most premium names can be blocked by MPML. All rules apply and the MPML subscription fee remains the same as for non-premium names.
  • Each registry will reserve certain premium names for future use. These names will not be eligible for MPML.
  • Can another eligible trademark holder register a domain name for which there is an existing MPML subscription?

    Yes. The purpose of the MPML is to prevent cybersquatting. However, if an eligible trademark holder (i.e., with a valid SMD file in the TMCH) wants to apply for and/or register their name in any M+M TLD then an override of the MPML subscription will occur. Note, an override can only occur for domain names that have a valid SMD file.
  • Can the MPML subscription holder remove a name and register it in any M+M domain name?

    Yes, the MPML holder can, at any time during the life of their MPML subscription, apply to have a name removed from MPML solely for the purposes of registering it in any of M+M TLDs, so long as the domain name has not been previously registered by another registrant. The MPML holder can apply to have it removed for registration on any or all of M+M TLDs.
  • Registration fees will be charged based on the fees associated with the specific TLD. Registration fees will be comprised of an override fee (typically equal to the registry’s one-time sunrise fees) plus the registration fees applicable for that domain name, including premium registration fees. All other terms and conditions for registering a domain name with the applicable registry also apply.
  • Can a registered name that has not been renewed in a TLD be added to an existing MPML subscription at a later date?

    Yes, a domain name registered in an M+M TLD that is not renewed and is past the appropriate grace periods, is automatically added to an existing MPML subscription unless it is specifically reserved by the registry.
  • How long are MPML subscriptions?

    MPML subscriptions can last for up to 10 years from the date of the paid subscription. Eligible customers can subscribe for either 5 years or 10 years. Customers that have only subscribed for 5 years may renew for an additional 5 years at the MPML fee currently in effect at the time of renewal.
  • When does the subscription take effect?

    The subscription takes effect on the date the subscription for the domain name is accepted by M+M.
  • What happens at the end of the MPML subscription?

    At the end of the subscription period, the domain name in question will be released for general availability. At any time during the MPML subscription period the MPML subscriber may register the domain name at the then current registration rate in effect for each TLD, including applicable override fees. If the MPML subscriber does not register the name then it will be available on a first-come, first-served basis and is subject to the Trademark Claims process.
  • Some of M+M’s TLDs have already had their Sunrise and Landrush periods, will the MPML retroactively be applied to these TLDs?

    Yes, the MPML will be applied to the above-listed TLDs even if their respective Sunrise and/or Landrush periods are no longer active. However, the MPML will not trump any existing registrations in those TLDs.
  • If an MPML subscriber has previously applied for and secured a domain name registration, that registration will remain in effect. At the end of the registration period, such domain name will then be eligible to be included in the subscriber’s existing MPML subscription. The MPML subscriber must notify M+M that they wish to have such name added to their existing MPML subscription.
  • What if a non-trademark holder has applied for my name previously?

    A subscriber may exercise existing Rights Protection Mechanisms in place. If a subscriber is successful in securing their name from a non-trademark holder, the name can then be added to their existing MPML subscription. The MPML subscriber must notify M+M that they wish to have such name added to their existing MPML subscription.
  • When will M+Ms TLDs launch?

    Our first Sunrise commenced in 2014 and we will be releasing new TLDs through 2015. Please visit our launch schedule

    for all of our launch dates.

  • Are any domain names excluded from MPML?

    Yes, there are some excluded domain names that an MPML subscription cannot block.

    • Reserved Names: The Registry reserves certain names from registration and these will not be available for an MPML subscription. This will include certain premium names.
    • ICANN Blocked Names: Names that ICANN does not allow to be registered are not available for an MPML subscription. Note: names on an ICANN collision list are in a different category: these names are eligible for MPML.
    • Previously Registered Domains: A registered domain name will not be blocked in the specific TLD where it has been registered.
    • Names already on the MPML: As MPML is first-come, first-served, domain names already on the MPML list will not be eligible for other MPML subscriptions.
  • Is there whois output for MPML?

    Names and other information relating to MPML subscriptions may be included in Whois or otherwise made publicly available.
  • Do MPML subscriptions need to be current with TMCH?

    Yes. The trademark should remain current in the TMCH throughout the life of the MPML block. M+M may, but is not obligated to, remove an MPML block if the mark is not kept current in the TMCH.
  • What are Reserved Names?

    The Reserved Name List is a specific list of: names that ICANN requires registries to reserve, as well as certain names that M+M chooses to reserve.
  • Are ICANN Collision Names eligible for the MPML?

    Yes, we will allow subscriptions for ICANN Collision names for each MPML participating TLD. Note, M+M will follow any ICANN rules with respect to the releasing of such names, including running an additional sunrise period.

For information only. These FAQ do not represent full MPML terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.